Forest Range Merinos Auction Sale

Forest Range Merino Ram Sale


6 January 2021

Closer to the date of the Ram sale you can contact Forest Range to get password for the 2021 Ram Sale information then click on the button below (button is presently disconnected):

Ram Sale Information

We offer the opportunity to purchase Superior Merino Sires. These sires represent over 30 years of selective breeding using BLUP (Best Linier Unbiased Prediction) analysis overseen by geneticists Dorian Garrick and Ric Sherlock, previously from Massey University and now in private ractice.

They are advertised with:

  • EBVs for Micron and Clean Fleece Weight
  • 3 Fleece Test results showing Micron and Yield and CV% of FD as measured by SGS.
  • 2 Fleece Weights from hogget and 2th shearing
  • Parentage information dating back to 1980
  • Veterinary Accredited Brucellosis free flock
  • Unmulesed
  • Veterinarian tested
  • Shearwell Electronic Eartags plus number branded on horns
  • Forest Range’s unique back up service

The rams have been raised in natural high country conditions with no artificial feeding and are of robust constitution. 30 + years of subjective selection ensures their structural soundness.

Rams are sold by Helmsman (silent auction) commencing at 1pm. Inspection is invited from 10 am. Refreshments available.

Your enquiries are invited for a catalogue or for further information.