Lindis Fibre Video Clip

View the video clip below to find out more about our Lindis Fibre merino wool and Forest Range Station where the merinos are raised..

Lindis Fibre Merino Wool

FOREST RANGE MERINOS are bred for the production of exquisite wool fibre to satisfy the world’s most discerning textile manufacturers’ specifications.  They are Australasia’s most advanced, objectively bred, ultra fine Merinos.

Forest Range Station is located in New Zealand’s South Island high country which is known for its clean and natural environment which is perfect for raising healthy sheep with extremely fine micron wool – what we call LINDIS FIBRE.

Lindis Fibre Wool Clip Analysis

Lindis Fibre Merino Wool Classification

The hogget lines are classed to specific micron parameters following the Mid-side sampling results. The micron of each fleece is identified by the computer allowing the classer to use this information to make up lines in various brackets, eg. 14-14.5 micron. Individual fleeces must still satisfy strict visual quality control to qualify for the specialty offering, enabling us to offer lines that are more accurately selected with less variation and therefore lower CVs.

Lindis Fibre Merino Wool Selection

Merino Wool can also be selected to meet individual buyers requirements by arrangement. All specialty lines are offered in nylon packs. The property has achieved Grower accreditation status under the Wools of New Zealand Fernmark Quality Programme, ensuring an adherence to best farming and animal welfare practise and commitment to quality.

Hogget Average Micron 2014 = 12.5
Flock overall average weighted micron = 13.2


Lindis Fibre Wool Clip Analysis