Recreational Visitors to Forest Range Station

General Information

Know your access – Rights and Responsibilities
Not all rivers, lakes, and mountain lands have public access to, along or around them. Where there is public access to the NZ outdoors it can be on one of many types such as:

  • Walkways under the Walking Access Act
  • Legal roads – including unformed legal roads
  • Marginal strips along waterways under the Conservation Act
  • Easements across private land
  • National parks, reserves and other conservation lands

Depending on the type of access a range of different activities may be allowed for example:

  • Picnicking, photography
  • Walking cycling horse priding tramping
  • Camping, rock climbing
  • Recreational and educational events
  • Crossing land to get from one place to another
  • Activities involving vehicles, dogs or guns

At Forest Range you need permission  to access  the property. Please read on for our expectations of your behaviour on the property and a link to a Visitor Registration form.

Accessing Forest Range Station - Our Expectations

Always seek permission from Dave Emmerson prior to planning a recreational outing to Forest Range. It is not always practical for the access to be granted – for example, during the time of the year where lambing or mustering is taking place.

If you wish to take a dog or firearm please ensure you inform the farmer when seeking permission.

The general expectations for visitors to Forest Range are:

  • Leave gates as you find them – open or closed
  • Keep to farm tracks at all times
  • Do not climb unsupported fence wires
  • Do not block or obstruct gateways, tracks or entrances
  • Do not feed the animals
  • Report damage or observations to Dave Emmerson
  • Do not light fires
  • Care for the environment – take your litter home
  • If biking or horse riding – control your speed
  • Let others know you are passing
  • If farm animals are on the road/track slow down and make way for them
  • If there are dogs on the trip they must be kept under strict control
  • When taking vehicles on site be responsible with your vehicle – see
  • Take responsibility for your own actions
  • Follow all advice and instruction given by Dave Emmerson
  • Be aware of hazards (read the Hazard Register) – be prepared for all eventualities
  • Keep a safe distance from farm buildings and machinery
  • Get the correct permits for hunting and fishing
  • Recommended safety equipment – or compulsory safety equipment eg GPS Locator Beacon? Tents, Warm clothes, Survival bag, First Aid kit – suitable to manage a serious accident, Sturdy tramping boots, Food for length of stay plus extra if weather closes in, map of area…

Intention of your Visit

Contact Dave Emmerson on 03 445 2804 in the first instance to discuss your request to access Forest Range Station. Remember that the station is not open all year round and some dates may not be available. Permission to access must be granted. Dave will give you a password to enable you to complete a Visitor Registration Form.

After you have spoken to him, please click on the button below

Signing out of Forest Range Station

On the day you leave the Forest Range Station please sign out by clicking on the button below and filling in the short sign out form.

Note: If you do not sign out you have left the site by the end of the day following your intent to leave then emergency services may be contacted. There may be a cost associated with search and rescue.